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Respiratory Protection Training and Fit Test

Method of Payment Accepted: $59.00 Cash or Check, Pay on-site on the day of training.

Receive $10.00 savings per person!!!! Submit $49.00 registration fee by mail.
Mail in Registration with payment must be received before April 11, 2011 to receive discount.

For Questions Please call: Alan Brauer 610-964-1530 or email: abrauer@avantisafety.com


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  Program Details:

OSHA requires employees required to wear a respirator must be approved by a licensed medical practitioner.

This training does not include a medical evaluation. Employees completing the fit test must be approved bya doctor prior to the fit test.

Class participants are required to supply their own NIOSH approved tight fitting respirator with HEPA
particulate filters. NIOSH requires the respirator and filters be made by the same manufacturer.
Training material is in compliance with OSHA regulations as specified under 29 CFR 1910.134. The fit testconducted during this training is a qualitative procedure. Upon successful completion of the training and fittest the participant will received a Certificate of Completion and Fit Test Completion Form.

Please call us for program details. We are available to answer any questions and to discuss your respiratory protection needs.

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For Questions Please call:

Alan Brauer
Avanti Safety LLC

Registrations accepted Online: www.avantisafety.com
Registrations accepted by Phone: 610-964-1530

Registrations accepted by Mail:

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